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Frequently Asked questions

What is the pebble app about?

Some say we’re the Netflix of Africa! Are We? Naah. We’re Africa content for Africa and the world built by Africans. Pebble is an on-demand streaming platform that allows you to enjoy your favorite podcast, movies, films etc.

How do I sign up to Pebble?

Easy as joining a political party in Africa. All you need is a good internet connection (which we know you have because you’re reading this) and register with either your email or phone number. Choose a strong password, stronger than Manchester United’s defense. Select a subscription package and voila, you are part of the Pebble family.

How many movies or podcasts do I get to stream a day on Pebble?

Well, that depends on your internet subscription and the time you have. You can binge unlimited content on Pebble all in 24 hours. Much as we enjoy you streaming our contents, we also encourage you to take a break and have a social life also. The wedding won’t attend itself you know. The good thing about Pebble is, you can always continue watching from where you left off.

Is Pebble free of charge?

Yes, Pebble is free. Sign up and enjoy your favorite show

I am a content creator; can I join Pebble?

Hell Yes! Pebble rewards creativity by paying content creators for their contents that subscribers stream on Pebble. Are you into podcasts, short films, documentary etc. and your amazing works are only gathering dust on your external hard drive? Send us an email at content@trypebble.com and we will be happy to engage you and share your amazing works with the rest of the world.